Creativity Coaching

“We first met at one of your Creative Life classes — a workshop for frustrated artists, and our group met a couple of times –and I found it wonderfully encouraging, inspiring, and helpful. So that’s why I can feel good about honestly recommending your coaching to anyone who is feeling challenged in finding their creative way!”

Laura Edna Lacey


Other Testimonials for past Creative Life events can be found here.

If you can’t make the class because of conflicts with dates, or if you’re interested in an online version of this class, email me now please.

Below is a flier produced for last fall’s classes, and the same information applied to the classes in May 2014.

The Creative Life Classes May 2014

IN A NUTSHELL:                                                (For more detailed info, scroll down)

Who:  You plus a few really interesting, like-minded participants plus Creativity Coach Brenda Baker.

What:  Classes as described in flier above plus homework for you and email contact with Brenda during the month of the program. (Detailed program outline below.)

When:  Tuesdays in May — 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 pm (bring a bag lunch, please)

Where: TBA – in 2013 the classes were held in 3 locations, each relevant to the discussion of creativity.

Minimum enrolment: 4    Maximum: 8

Fee: $350 for 4 or 5 participants; $300 each for 6 – 8

A non-refundable deposit of $100 must accompany registration form to hold your place. If the class has fewer than 4 enrolees, then your deposit will be refunded in full.

For more information, email Brenda or give her a call at (306) 653-3245.

The Creative Life – Detailed Class Outline

The Creative Life is a series of four classes taken over four weeks. Together with a facilitator (me) and up to eight other participants, you’ll have the opportunity to share an experience that I hope you’ll find enriching and helpful as you discern your next creative commitments. You’ll be welcomed into a group where you can safely state your intentions, wrestle with them, and take steps towards fulfilling them. It’s about more than dreaming; we will hold one another to account for taking action and moving forward.

My job is to create a structure within which you are free to explore your dreams and current mindset in relation to them. Our conversations in the group are confidential, given that when we talk about our creative selves we are sometimes touching on our deepest desires and hopes for our futures. So, what happens in class stays in class!

Only May 6/14 has been planned in detail. My intention is to tailor most of the program to address the specific concerns of participants, and until I know who you are and understand your situation, it’s not possible to commit to an exact agenda. That said there are some broad areas that usually come up in this kind of coaching, so below I’ve listed some possible directions for us to explore together.

Before our first class you will be asked to give some thought to your creative history by plotting out significant experiences through your life. A form will be provided for this exercise once you register. The historic information you bring with you to the first class will be the basis for part of our conversation that day, so it will be important for you to be prepared.

Included in your fee is my offer to provide coaching support to you between classes via email.

Tuesday, May 6

A Variety of Introductions

We’ll spend some time getting to know one another and I’ll share some of my own background as a sometimes frustrated artist. We’ll talk about what it means to have a creative life, your history as a creative person, and why we want to create. Then we’ll review the most common blocks for creative people: fear, lack of confidence, lack of support, lack of time, lack of resources, lack of focus or organization, lack of motivation, and the inability to celebrate success. You’ll leave with another assignment to do at home.

Here are just a few of the areas we may want to explore together in the remaining three classes:

- delve deeper into any of the “blocks” listed for the first class

- creative procrastination

- promotion; selling your idea or “thing” to others

- understanding your own intentions

- funding

- ideaforia

- the learning that still needs to occur for you to get where you want to go

- getting motivated and staying motivated

- reframing your ideas and the way you work

- how serving others can impact creativity

- breaking down your project(s) to better manage them

- mental health and the “creative crazy”

- necessary selfishness

- living with uncertainty

- living with what other people think

- recommended websites and books on creativity