Elements of Performance

This is a series of two-hour evening classes I want to make available in Saskatoon* in the near future. Each class will explore, in depth, one or two key elements of live music performance, including:

  • Stage Presence: how to develop it
  • The Audience: how to win them over
  • Authentic Performing: staying grounded on stage
  • Movement: loosening up and owning the stage
  • Pacing: techniques for keeping the show moving
  • The Songs: how to select, arrange, deliver and serve them
  • Visual Impact: staging, lighting, appearance and fashion-sense
  • Side Musicians: how they can enhance a show (or not)
  • Singing Along: how to get your audience to do it
  • Self-Coaching: how to stay on top of your show without a coach

Dates, times, location(s) and fees have not yet been set, but if you’d like to be on the list for more information when it’s available, please contact me now.

*If you live outside of Saskatoon this program can be offered as a two or three-day event over a weekend.