Here’s where you’ll find a growing list of resources that may be of interest as you explore the art of musical performing.

If you’re a performance coach who focuses your practice on stage performing, as opposed to focusing on vocal coaching, please drop me a line. I’d like to meet you.

CDs, DVDs, Books

Janis Ian

Master Class in Artistry CD,
Folk Alliance – NAFMDA, 2003

Janismania DVD,
see for details


Tom Jackson

On Stage! – DVD Series (see below)

Web Sites

Tom Jackson: Live Music Performance Coaching Expert; one of the foremost live music onstage consultants in the music industry

Hailing from Nashville, Tom is gaining a growing following in Canada thanks to his compelling “coaching performances.” I spent three days shadowing Tom and his colleagues Amy Wolter (Nashville) and Kevin Pauls (Waterloo) when they were in Saskatoon to coach local artists. Tom worked with several bands in front of an audience and really did take the music and performance to another level. Tom has a great musical ear, so besides modeling some basic performing skills, he essentially acted like a music arranger-director, suggesting new ways of presenting the songs live, believing that a song recording and a live song performance are not the same thing. He developed his coaching skills within the Christian music community, so his first video/DVD production called “On Stage!” is laden with religious references. Nonetheless the series contains some good information. Because he’s gone “mainstream” with his performance coaching mission, and because he’s continued to develop as a coach, he will soon be releasing a new DVD series based on his more recent “general audience” workshops.

Art Nefsky’s Showoffs: vocal and performance coaching; specializes in stage fright and performance anxiety

In Toronto, I took one of Art’s three-day workshops to compare his performance coaching to what I was interested in doing. I found the weekend fascinating since Art has developed a series of great exercises that trick the brain into letting go of inhibitions, freeing you to sing far better and with more confidence. It was quite the experience and I recommend it for anyone who thinks too hard when they try to perform. Art has a lot of different performance-related projects on the go, but he doesn’t seem to promote the same kind of coaching that I’m pursuing.

Helen Bolton: vocal and performance coach

I’ve never met Helen since she lives far away in Berkshire, UK, but have a feeling we’d have a lot to talk about if we did. Her site gives a feel for what she does but is not in itself meant to be educational. Still, I found it interesting.

Janis Ian Official Website

Janis Ian is one of my favourite songwriters of all time, and she used to write a column for the magazine Performing Songwriter. Here and there in the articles you’ll find gems of wisdom about the art of performing.

Astley Performance Coaching: athletes and artists

Astley Mason, M.Ed., provides services for athletes, performing artists and others who want to get more out of their performances so that they get more enjoyment from what they do and are at their best when the pressure is on. I’ve only met Astley through his website and email, but he seems to know what he’s talking about!