Performance Coaching

What I Do

In a nutshell, I help singers and musicians connect more effectively with their audiences. The ultimate goal is to make the audience love the performer. It’s a lofty objective, but why would anyone get on stage hoping that the audience just sort of likes them?

The live music triple threat is: great songs, great musicianship and consummate performing skills. My focus is the third threat.

In recent years I’ve become fascinated with the performer-audience relationship. I’ve been dissecting live music performance into little pieces to make it more understandable, and therefore, teachable. I’ll give you feedback on your song writing if you ask, but I don’t really want to teach the craft. I’m not a vocal coach, but I know enough about it to give rudimentary help if I see you need it. I’m not a therapist or choreographer. I’m just interested in helping you get to the “nexstage” of your artistic career through improving your stage presence and your ability to be consistently confident, show to show.

Music performance is a kind of theatre. While I wasn’t an actor for long, my training in theatre is an asset when it comes to helping musicians “work the stage.” I don’t teach musicians to act, but I do use images of good acting and poor acting, good plays and poor plays, to convey basic principles of performance and building a solid show.

Finally, as a writer, part of my vision for Nexstage is to continue to articulate my ideas about performing here on my website in a way that’s helpful to the music community, particularly for those building their careers in Saskatchewan.