T Culler, singer-songwriter
IndieHeaven Momentum Award Nominee
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Nexstage Coaching - T CullerI was so thankful to find Brenda Baker just when I needed her. I was returning to a career in the music business and was looking for the absolute right person to help guide me with ideas that were floating through my head. The multitude of things that the artist has to consider…stage, performance, band ideas were all needing to be examined. All of these were areas that I felt I understood somewhat, but wanted someone who had greater knowledge to advise me.

Brenda Baker came through brilliantly, with an answer for every question. Her kind nature and understanding made the whole experience that much better. She exhibited the professional attitude we all want when we are using a consultant, but at the same time treated me like a friend. I would definitely tell anyone that Brenda Baker would be a very wise choice for their artistic needs, whatever they may be. She has a vast knowledge that she is not afraid to use. I highly recommend her!