Performing Quick Tips

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Brenda Baker - Performing Quick TipsI now offer a new subscription service.

Performing Quick Tips is aimed at music performers at all levels of development. It includes my one-minute inspirational commentary on a specific element of live performance, relevant quotes from the talented and famous, topical video resources, and suggested actions you might take to improve your own performance. I also welcome your questions and comments to include with future Quick Tips.

The topics move between ideas for solo musicians, bands, side performers, and occasionally even stage hands who are often seen on stage. Some tips apply to everyone on stage. Some are practical, some psychological, some philosophical, because all of these parts of the performing musician are important to one degree or another. Here is a somewhat more detailed list of areas the Quick-Tips cover:

  • Stage Presence: how to develop it
  • Audience: how to win them over
  • Authentic Performing: staying grounded on stage
  • Movement: loosening up and owning the stage
  • Pacing: techniques for keeping the show moving
  • Songs: how to select, arrange, deliver and serve them
  • Visual Impact: staging, lighting, appearance and fashion-sense
  • Side Musicians: how they can enhance a show
  • Singing Along: how to get your audience to do it
  • Self-Coaching: how to stay on top of your show without a coach

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