Performance Coaching

How I Do It

Most of the Nexstage website is dedicated to how I coach, but here’s a synopsis anyway:

I coach live music performers either one-on-one or in group sessions. If it’s an in-person session, we meet at a restaurant or in a performance venue or sometimes in my home, depending on what we need to accomplish. Sometimes I’m flown somewhere to meet with a performer or group. Sometimes I do my work over the phone or via Skype or FaceTime.


Mirrors can be an important tool

I use a combination of methods to get to know you and your level of accomplishment. These include seeing you perform, informal conversation and if you agree it would be useful, a self-assessment questionnaire.

Your level of self-awareness and performing experience will dictate the nature of our relationship. The less experience you have the more I’ll relate to you like a teacher. The more experience you have, the more I’ll behave like a collaborator.

Deep down, intuitive performers already know what they need to do. Sometimes my job is simply to affirm your gut instincts and help negotiate the path towards the goal. It’s important for me to listen carefully and honour what you already know and where you want to go. I’m open to your questions and being questioned on my assertions. If you have any doubts I like to hear them because that gives me a chance to clarify my point of view.

As much as possible I like to work artist to artist, rather than mentor to student.