Ready for a Coach?

The Ideal Client

As a coach, my preference is to work with singers and musicians who see themselves as emerging or established professionals. I also work with extremely serious students of music. At the very least, clients need to have played enough live gigs to know what it feels like to be on stage for more than one song, and to have experienced the pitfalls of performance. In other words, for me to be of any value to you, you must be able to relate to the information I provide because you’ve already been in some of the situations I will want to talk about. And, you should be at a point where you have lots of questions based on your experience to date.

Ideal clients are people who see themselves performing into their old age. Chances are if you stay in this business you’ll need to diversify and increase your audience base. Learning to perform better will actually help you “crossover” more easily to new genres of music as you “mature” through the decades. And it increases the odds that you’ll remain in demand as a musician, even as all your hair is falling out and gravity has its way with you.