Onstage Seminar

An Onstage Seminar is a great option for thrifty musicians who want to pool their resources and spend one day getting some basic training in performance. We cover a lot of information fast. A few registrants will have the chance to perform and get some feedback from which everyone will benefit.

While I cover a lot of the topics you’ll find under the “Elements of Performance Class” page, I can’t go into the same depth that the Elements Class provides, nor can I give every person individual attention. However, the seminar model is open to beginners as well as more experienced performers so it’s a good way to kick-start your life on stage.

In Saskatoon, your fee covers venue rental, sound tech and coaching. You’ll need to find at least 18 people to sign on. The fee is $50 per person and the seminar runs from 10am – 4:30pm with a half-hour lunch break.

(Fees subject to change without notice. Please verify fee schedule with me before planning your event.)