Conference Bookings

Since 2001 I’ve been a panelist or presented various kinds of musical performance workshops or seminars for the likes of Western Canadian Music Week (and its predecessor Prairie Music Week), Saskatchewan Country Music Week, Prince Albert’s E.A.Rawlinson Centre, provincial organizations¬†Manitoba Music¬†and SaskMusic, as well as a number of teacher training events focusing on the art of the sing-along.

I’ve given many more sessions than what’s listed here, but these are events where written evaluations were submitted:

Prairie Music Week 2001

Manitoba Music 2010

SaskMusic 2011

Prince Albert Talent Program 2012

The following kinds of groups or events may be interested in my services:

  • Industry events for recording artists
  • Talent show organizers*
  • Regional showcase presenters
  • Folk music clubs and associations
  • Music teacher associations
  • University music departments
  • Church musicians and ministries
  • Music festival organizers (classical)

Please contact me directly about availability and fees.

*Note: I only work for Talent Shows where all participants are treated respectfully, regardless of ability.