Kim Fontaine, singer-songwriter
SXSW Showcase Performer 2008 & 2009
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
In 2008 Brenda helped me to prepare for my SXSW showcase in Austin, Texas. She was easy to work with, helping to clarify my performing goals and what exactly I wanted from the coaching sessions. She then developed a plan and outlined a process that suited me. Together we built a set list, worked on my audience banter and mental preparation so I wouldn’t be nervous during my performance. I had been a shy performer, barely able to make eye-contact with people, and wanted to better connect with my audiences. Brenda was reassuring and gave me the confidence I needed to relax and feel comfortable on stage while still being myself.
When it came time for the gig in Austin, there were some unexpected technical problems. I’d spent years on stage as a sideman and knew this was sometimes part of the deal, but it’s different when you’re fronting and you feel you have no control over the situation. A lot of the work Brenda and I did in terms of mental preparation gave me the tools I needed to maintain my composure and keep things on track. When I watched the video later it was very apparent that the work we had done together had absolutely paid off!