Seminar/Conference Feedback

Manitoba Music

An email received the day after the full-day seminar from Johnny Broadway, one of the workshop performers. Printed here with his permission.

Hi Brenda!

I wanted to say thanks again for an amazing workshop and experience!
I’ve been to performance workshops in the past, but this was easily
the most valuable of them, and you can tell everyone there got a ton
out of it. It was great to see the different ways you were able to
break through each performer’s “bad habits” and get us to try things
we probably never would have thought to try, but will definitely help
take our shows to a more professional level.



Some anonymous comments from the event (on file with the organization):

What was most valuable? (each comment is a different person speaking)

  • Everything, since I have not performed in a paid venue for a long time.
  • All of it.
  • Learning what to do on stage and how to present myself.
  • Brenda was amazing. Super helpful!
  • When the solo artists were on, all the feedback helped me think about what to do [in my own show].
  • The examples of differences in types of performances.
  • Brenda had some nice insights for emerging artists — she’s great mirror — I can tell. She has a good amount of life experience and shares it freely.
  • The critique of my own performance, definitely. Second would be the critiques of other performers, seeing their possible ideas that could work for me too.
  • It was so beneficial to be able to perform and get that feedback from Brenda and audience. Absolutley unlike anything I’ve ever learned about performance before. Soooo applicable.
  • Everything was SO interesting and valuable. It was great to see the variety of genres and what is common to all performance.
  • She was sharing her…knowledge, but it was awesome for the performers to be able to have feedback from the audience.
  • I definitely got a lot of tips/techniques on how to put on a great performance — a lot of things I don’t know and wasn’t aware of. I guarantee that I will remember this workshop when I perform.
  • Differentiating between singing a set of songs and giving a “show.”
  • The participant performances were an interesting way to see immediate application of skills.
  • Comprehensive approach for soloists and bands. Really practical.
  • Exit and entrance techniques.