Seminars/Conferences Feedback

Prairie Music Week 2001


“The Art of Performing” - a 2 hour workshop with a band and solo artists participating; the first workshop of its kind to be held at a music industry event in Canada

Feedback from anonymous evaluation forms – the longest, most in-depth comments were selected:

1) Well-done! I thought it was very well put together and all valuable. Most useful elements: role-playing and the following discussion/the artists who were willing to perform for feedback.  I realize we ran out of time, but the set list section would be good to include again in more detail. Brenda’s introduction and moderation was well-presented and articulate.  The other panelists’ comments were very constructive and insightful.

2) Most useful elements: visual examples/interaction; session was well-organized, very enjoyable and constantly kept my interest!  All info was totally necessary.  Would have loved to have stayed even longer and learn more.  Thanks very much.  Great info!

3) I could have listened to the panelists for another 2 hours.  Just not enough time.  It was the most informative workshop I was at.  Definitely exceeded what I expected.

4) Needed to be longer.  Would have liked more information on lighting and more about interaction of a band on stage.  Brenda Baker is my hero!

5) This workshop is essential.

6) Most useful elements: practical applications, focus and ability to break ideas down into useable suggestions; learned and re-learned many things about why I began my study of music in theatre and performance; excellent.

7) The relationship between performing and playing music was displayed very well; I would like to see this material covered in greater depth in the next workshop (ie next year’s Prairie Music Week); due to time constraints would spend less time on critiques of audience artists and more time on presenting the prepared agenda — could include what to do about hecklers; I can NEVER get enough information on performing — please bring it back to next year’s PMA conference.

E-mails received without solicitation from participants after PMW:

From Garth Noseworthy, Just Kiddin’ (Manitoba)

Craig and I want to thank you for your presentation “Art of Performing” at Prairie Music Week, as well as your presentation of the Prairie Music Award to us in Edmonton. You probably noticed that we did not expect to win. I wanted to tell you that you were going through my mind half way across the stage as I did everything in contradiction to what I learned from you in the afternoon: walking the wrong way off stage; looking at my feet; and not acknowledging the audience at all!  If you knew me better, you would quickly realize that this was totally out of character. Needless to say, I learned that people at the Academy Awards are truly surprised to win.

Not only was your workshop well done and extremely informative, but it hit directly home for the type of show that JUST KIDDIN’ performs. It reinforced the basic notion that people are not just at a performance to hear the music but are there to be entertained visually and emotionally.

You conveyed a new perception of ourselves and our interaction with the audience. All to often, we are so busy trying to perform to the audience that we forget to enjoy the fact that the audience is reflecting their enjoyment through their applause and we fail to take a moment just to take it in and say thank you.

We will strongly suggest that Winnipeg invite you to perform Act II of your workshop for PMW 2002.

Again, thank you for sharing your expertise.

From Nancy Christman  (Alberta)

Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your workshop during PMW in Edmonton. I work with developing artists in the early stages of their careers in Edmonton, and your workshop is a must for beginners as well as rising stars. I also am affiliated with an entertainment agency from Toronto and work with some established artists. I had some students attend the workshop and they felt it was great as well.

From “Sue” – manager for “Illusions” (Edmonton)

(I did a special consultation for them and used them as a “case study” in the workshop.)

I would really like to thank you so very, very, much for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and see ILLUSIONS perform and meet us for breakfast.  The boys are especially inspired and motivated.  At their last performance we videoed them to critique their stage presence – haven’t got together yet to do it but, will soon.  We all really enjoyed the workshop – it is something that should be presented at all these conferences.  I’m sure you’ll have no problem promoting it to other organizations!