Seminar/Conference Feedback

SaskMusic 2011 Seminar

Some of the longer comments regarding this 6 hour event:

  • I found it very useful, lots of anecdotal experience, life applications as well as the “theory” behind it. Some great ideas. Brenda’s experience as a varied performer lent a lot of credibility and weight to the information shared. She did a great job of not only “what” you could do, but also “why.” I’d encourage others, especially students, to attend, as well as us old folk singers.
  • Very useful. Could easily be stretched into a 2 – 3 day session/weekend retreat. Good information on the art of keeping the audience’s attention, stage presence and viewing the musician’s performance as theatre.
  • I loved this workshop. It really helped me understand what it means to perform.
  • Very beneficial. I liked the “hands on” aspect, the positive feedback and the opportunity to push the boundaries of my confort zone.
  • I enjoyed the analogy of [music] performance to theatre. That was useful. I can see now how you’d be able to critique a video of a performer and even offer suggestions from that.